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Receitas que utilizam: SMOOTH (TPA/TFA)

A flavor smoothener that is useful to use in concert with other flavors- "Smooth" will round out any harsh edges and provide a thick, satisfying mouthfeel. It will soften the high notes of your blend while boosting your background notes. *** Note: some, but not all customers report that the smell has a fruity aspect. Ingredients List: Artificial flavor, Propylene Glycol, Triacetin Water Soluble
Nome sort_by_alpha Autor sort_by_alpha Data sort_by_alpha
Andre Andre 04/07/18
André Bonetti De Siqueira andre 03/09/18
Banana do Gonza Gonzaga 23/07/15
Banana Kid 02 luviralata 13/02/15
Bavarian Huckle Shock v2 Trail 24/01/14
Blackberry Cooler sash 10/11/13
Blackberry Cooler 24/01/14
boba's klon olekte 05/02/14
Côco Queimado Marcelo 08/04/14
Cold Dark Love NandoPerissê 22/04/14
Cowboy Candy luviralata 13/02/15
Dark Love NandoPerissê 22/04/14
Earl Grey sash 24/01/14
Ectosplasm Sm0kyBlue 30/01/14
Fada Vermelha BillyBrazil 23/03/14
Hazelnut and Caramel Marco Carvalho 10/01/16
Hunna Zahyon 12/09/17
HX3 Clone Zoia 12/12/14
Kiwi Salgado Andre_Peh 29/11/17
Limão com creme teste JJJ 11/10/18
Menta cremosa atabacada brnGOD 16/08/18
Menthol Absinthe Joe Donovan 24/01/14
Midnight Apple dotnix 18/05/14
Midnight Clone Coiote2008rj 27/02/14
Mocha Cappuccino sash 15/01/14
Morango do Nordeste LucazThierry 03/08/19
Morangoso Bruno Almeida Soares 05/04/16
Nana Cream Pie dotnix 11/02/14
Red Mist Lucas Horsth-Lamy 03/05/15
Remedy Black boomerdude 30/10/13
Secret Nessa 13/02/14
smooth kiwi + milk Andre_Peh 29/11/17
The Lover - Clone Victor de Campos Couto 14/01/15
The Milk Boy Thomaz 17/10/17
Traquinas FGV-Smoke 31/10/13
Tropical Cool - V1 Rodrigo LFP 28/11/17
Tropical Cool - V1 Rodrigo LFP 28/11/17
Unassuming Passion Fruit NandoPerissê 22/04/14

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